Data of Tri-Wall Pak

Tri-Wall Pak

  • 1300 Grade
  • 1100 Grade

Bi-Wall Pak

  • 850 Grade

  Tri-Wall Pak Bi-Wall Pak Test Method
1300 Grade 1100 Grade 850 Grade
Puncture Resistance 1200~1400 units
366~427Kgf/cm, Minimum
1100 units, Minimum
366Kgf/cm, Minimum
32.9J, Minimum
700 units, Minimum
214Kgf/cm, Minimum
Weight (Combined Board) 2,204g/m², Maximum 1,701g/m², Maximum ASTM D646*
Caliper (Thickness) 15.1mm, Minimum 10mm, Minimum ASTM D645*
Flute Configuration   AA Not Specified
Weight of Facings 1,338g/m², Minimum 1,289g/m², Minimum 1,090g/m², Minimum Not Specified
Medium   Not Specified

Short Column


34.0Kgf/cm, Minimum
33.4KN/m, Minimum
31.8Kgf/cm, Minimum
31.2KN/m, Minimum
22.5Kgf/cm, Minimum
22.1KN/m, Minimum
ASTM D2808
Manufacturers Joint Joint Flap 50mm 45mm, Minimum Not Specified
Wire Sizes 2.8mm Wide x 0.7mm Thick
Wire Finish Copper Wash or Galvanized
Stitch Crown 12mm on 45° Angle
Stitch Spacing 25mm, Maximum
Slot Width 10mm, Minimum Not Specified
pH Value (Combined Board) 6 Minimum Not Specified ASTM D778
Reducible Sulfur
0.0008% Minimum Not Specified TAPPI T406
Class 2
Weather Assistant
Adhesive Water Proof Type ASTM D1028*
Outer Facings Highly Water Resistant Not Specified
Ply Separation Minimum 1 point on Wet Separation Test Not Specified